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Bug#982164: RFS: geda-gaf/1.10.2-2 [ITA] -- GPL EDA -- Electronics design software

On Wed, 10 Feb 2021, Juhani Numminen wrote:
The xorn executable is not too well suited to be in libgeda47 because
its name does not change with SONAME which would make library
transitions difficult.[2] So perhaps put xorn live in geda-utils then?

The xorn executable is called internally, so packaging it in geda-utils would mean the other packages would have to depend on this package. Since geda-utils contains rarely-used programs that usually aren't installed at all, I'd like to avoid this. The xorn binary itself is a script, so it could be packaged in libgeda-common, though.

Another option would be to package the xorn binary separately; but gEDA/gaf is already fragmented into many packages, and I'd like to avoid introducing yet another one.

Leaving things as-is shouldn't be a problem, either, since libgeda is an internal library used by gEDA/gaf, and when it's replaced by a new version, all binary packages are replaced at the same time.


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