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Re: config file name and format change

Marc Haber <mh+debian-mentors@zugschlus.de> writes:

> I would like to deliver a YAML config file with the package and have the
> old file still supported if an old file is still there (optimally
> printing a warning when starting up with old format). I would prefer to
> avoid a wrapper script.
> My idea would be to have two distinct systemd units, ser2net and
> ser2net-oldconfig, with appropriate ConditionPathExists directives.
> Is there something more elegant?

Not sure it's better, but what about checking in the postinst if the old
config file is present and if so installing a unit file snippet under
/etc/systemd/system/ser2net.service.d overriding the ExecStart line for
the old config file?  (I wouldn't use /etc/default/ser2net at all.)
And of course include a comment asking for its removal.

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