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config file name and format change


My package ser2net has migrated from having its config in ser2net.conf
in their own format to ser2net.yaml. There is no converter tool provided
by upstream, and considering the package's popcon data with 187
installations I am not willing to spend the implementation and testing
time with that.

The program can still read the old file format, the only "limitation" is
that files with .yaml ending cannot be in the old format.

I would like to deliver a YAML config file with the package and have the
old file still supported if an old file is still there (optimally
printing a warning when starting up with old format). I would prefer to
avoid a wrapper script.

My idea would be to have two distinct systemd units, ser2net and
ser2net-oldconfig, with appropriate ConditionPathExists directives.

Is there something more elegant?


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