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Bug#976120: RFS: qabc/2.0-1 [ITP] -- minimal GUI for ABC music notation

On Mon, Nov 30, 2020 at 3:21 AM Benoît Rouits wrote:

> Thank you for the note. Lilypond is a command-line sheet music engraver
> similar (but different) to  MusiXTeX. QAbc is a desktop user interface
> with an editor view and an SVG preview. The approaches are very
> different, IMHO. QAbc allow to quickly notate tunes, listen to it and
> print it but is not appropriate for professional engraving.

There are GUI frontends to lilypond though, for example denemo. It
sounds like they have different purposes/audiences though.

> I understand. The original patch to abcm2ps have been refused upstream
> for some reasons I understand completely. I started to modify more
> heavily the code of abcm2ps in order to use it as a library. That
> modified abcm2ps code is useless alone, it's a part of QAbc. Thank you
> for the link you gave me. I'll contact the debian-security-tracker
> mailing list to add the qabc package as having, for now, a forked
> embedded copy of abcm2ps.

It seems like separating abcm2ps into a library and command-line tools
would be a valuable thing to have upstreamed, so that other programs
can use the functionality too.

PS: I forgot to mention in my initial mail that you might like to join
the Debian multimedia team and help maintain other music related
packages. The team might also be likely to sponsor Qabc.




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