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Bug#976120: RFS: qabc/2.0-1 [ITP] -- minimal GUI for ABC music notation

Le 30/11/2020 à 03:39, Paul Wise a écrit :
On Mon, Nov 30, 2020 at 12:48 AM Benoît Rouits wrote:

QAbc has not yet an equivalent software in Debian. It's written in
C++/Qt, uses libfluidsynth for synthesis, and makes use of abc2midi
binary (from abcmidi package) to generate temporary midi files to be
played. Thus, abcmidi has been placed in the "Recommends" section of the
control file, but could be preferably placed in Depends... ?

I note that Lilypond can import ABC format, so that would seem to be
similar to QAbc.

Thank you for the note. Lilypond is a command-line sheet music engraver similar (but different) to MusiXTeX. QAbc is a desktop user interface with an editor view and an SVG preview. The approaches are very different, IMHO. QAbc allow to quickly notate tunes, listen to it and print it but is not appropriate for professional engraving.

Unless QAbc can also natively generate MIDI files or work without
generating MIDI files, then Recommends sounds incorrect and Depends
should be used instead.

Okay, thank you for the precision. So it should, for now, use Depends. Moreover, I know no alternative to abc2midi to simply generate MIDI from ABC. I will upload a new version of the source package that takes this into account.

QAbc also includes some modified source code from abcm2ps in a way to
workaround Qt's poorness in SVG rendering (see QTBUG-88494 in qt.io).

Debian packages should not use embedded code copies where possible,
this seems like an exception for now though. Please get the copy
recorded in the security team's repository and also make sure that the
embedded copy is not used with versions of Qt where that bug is fixed,
when that happens.


I understand. The original patch to abcm2ps have been refused upstream for some reasons I understand completely. I started to modify more heavily the code of abcm2ps in order to use it as a library. That modified abcm2ps code is useless alone, it's a part of QAbc. Thank you for the link you gave me. I'll contact the debian-security-tracker mailing list to add the qabc package as having, for now, a forked embedded copy of abcm2ps.

Have a good week,

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