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Re: Future of "obsession" package

On Sun, Nov 15, 2020 at 03:03:08PM +0100, Fabien Givors wrote:
However, I found out that there were a sudden (yet relative) rise in popcon usage: https://qa.debian.org/popcon.php?package=obsession
so, there are users…

Le 15/11/2020 à 15:39, Andrey Rahmatullin a écrit :
That's because openbox now Recommends it.
Oh, ok, thanks Andrey, this explains that!

I see different solutions:

1) remove xdg-autostart, recommend fbautostart
2) remove xdg-autostart, depends on fbautostart, add a wrapper for
 xdg-autostart to fbautostart
3) find an alternative to obsession-logout and obsession-exit
binaries and replace obsession with a transition package
What are your thoughts about that?

Le 15/11/2020 à 15:29, Mateusz Łukasik a écrit :
openbox-menu have or maybe I should use word had the same upstream author as obsession. Now I going to replace with jgmenu (see
#882210) and remove openbox-menu from repository.

At point 3 I think solution already exists in jgmenu. Second option is find magic exit script in super beauty openbox based distros like BunsenLabs Linux and port it to Debian.

I see, so are you going to remove the Recommends for obsession from openbox package and replace it with jgmenu?

And should I just ask for a RM of obsession?
Or replace it with a transitional package recommending fbautostart and jgmenu?

PS: I'm on the list

fabien (captnfab on IRC)

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