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Re: Overwriting files and not replacing packages - (no Replaces)

Am 12.11.2020 um 08:28 teilte Mathieu Malaterre mit:


In this specific case I do not need 'Replaces:' (*), because 'libcharls.so' from libdcmtk-dev is not meant to be replaced by the one shipped in libcharls-dev (2.1.0+dfsg-7) (this is not the normal breaks+replaces pattern).

Replaces would be incorrect as both packages have different purposes and one package does not replaces part of the other package.

Is my understanding correct?

According to my understanding Conflict would be more in order:

"Conflicts should be used

    when two packages provide the same file and will continue to do so,"

I don't see a file libcharls.so in libdcmtk-dev from unstable. What am I missing?


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