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Bug#961417: RFS: libudfread/1.0.0-1 -- UDF reader library

Hi Mattia!

Good to know you are back! Hope you are well :)

>Mhh, would you please instead consider joining it now, rather than move
>stuff around later? I don't think I saw your joining mail in the last
>20 days (sorry for ghosting - I had some personal matters going on).

>Then, I notice that you are bumping the version while uploading to
>mentors. In the end we shall only upload a -1 with only one changelog
>entry to the archive, so feel free to just remove and re-upload the -1
>version to mentors (IIRC you can also just re-upload the same version
>and it would overwrite it).

I fixed the versioning and maintainership of the package and re-uploaded
it cleanly as 1.0.0-1 targeting unstable (since I know now that experimental
is basically unstable + some NEW queue with breaking changes)

I will reopen this bug now & send an 'official' team join request.

Now, after I overhauled Kodi package (including copyrights)
and made it and all deps building and running on buster-bpo,
I think I am eligible to join :)
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