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How to properly deal with git lfs


in the covid-19 sprint of the Debian Med project we intend to package
flappie[1].  When using the normal uscan download of the tarball some
files that are kept in upstream git as lfs these files are corrupted
(just links to the lfs location and non-functional inside the tarball).
So I naively removed these files since I assumed it would be easy to
download those data later but the header files here[2] are symlinks to
the mdl files (which I removed) and thus the build does not work.

I have two questions about dealing with this:

1. How to sensibly get a functional tarball of the latest release?

   Obviously its not the normal uscan.  With Git mode I have no
   idea how to point to the latest tag and moreover I do not know
   how to ensure that git-lfs is installed.

2. How to properly deal with lfs support on salsa?
   I remember I once had trouble with this and would like to get
   hints to a simple guideline.  Alternatively I would decide to
   simply keep the debian/ dir on Salsa (may be that's sensible
   in general for large archives anyway) - but this makes question
   1. even more relevant

Kind regards


[1] https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/flappie
[2] https://github.com/nanoporetech/flappie/tree/master/src/models


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