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Bug#962640: RFS: zmat/0.9.8 [RFS] -- a portable C-library and Octave toolbox for data compression

thank you all for sharing your feedback.

I updated my packaging files and fixed most of the issues (also received some help from the debian-octave list). The updated package can be found at


A quick summary:

1. I renamed the library back to libzmat1 as many of you suggested it is the right naming format

2. I modified the orig package via a setup script to

    - 1) remove the bundled lz4 files, and link the binary with system's liblz4 library, and

    - 2) add the missing octave DESCRIPTION/INDEX files,

3. bumped my debhelper compat level to 12

I hope these are acceptable solutions. the only error left is the "UNRELEASED" in the changelog. should I set it to "unstable"? will the package be backported automatically in the future to stable?



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