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Bug#961899: RFS: wifi-qr/0.1-1 -- WiFi Share and Connect with QR

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Hi kokoye,

Please find my comments below:

Ko Ko Ye` <kokoye2007@gmail.com> 于2020年5月30日周六 下午11:57写道:
> Package: sponsorship-requests
> Severity: wishlist
> Dear mentors,
> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "wifi-qr"
>  * Package name    : wifi-qr
>    Version         : 0.1-1
>    Upstream Author : kokoye2007 <kokoye2007@gmail.com>
>  * URL             : https://github.com/kokoye2007/wifi-qr
>  * License         : GPL-3.0+
>  * Vcs             : https://github.com/kokoye2007/wifi-qr
>    Section         : utils
> It builds those binary packages:

1. Please do *not* submit duplicated RFS bugs. You submitted multiple RFS
requests and the duplicated ones have already been closed  by the bartm bot
as you can see in [2]. If you need to make any modifications, please use the
original bug report and add more information by replying to the report email

[2] https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=962169;msg=7

2. I saw your packaging repo at https://github.com/kokoye2007/wifi-qr. Please
drop the /.pc directory. This directory is created internally during
package building
and is not supposed to appear anywhere, anytime, especially in your
packaging repo.
Keeping it will cause issues when building the package.

3. Since you yourself is the upstream of this software, I don't quite
get it when
you put another patch file at
/debian/patches/remove-duplicate-function. Apparantly
it is not a Debian-specific patch. It is supposed to be applied
directly onto your
source code instead of appearing as a patch for Debian. In this case you might
should act as the upstream and release a new version of your software,
not as the
packager applying a patch.

4. The #DEBHELPER# placeholder should never appear in the debian/rules file

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