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Bug#961429: Subject: RFS: cryptopass/1.0.0-1 [ITP] -- CLI utility for generating long, unguessable passwords.

On Sun, May 31, 2020 at 02:54:34PM +0000, Vasyl Gello wrote:
> I do still appreciate additional reviews on packaging and security of
> cryptopass, because I thought it could be a great example of "making a
> small pavkage to learn Debian packaging".

From my side, the only thing that I would have to say about the new
release, is that since there is now an upstream testsuite, it would be
good to have an autopkgtest.
Apart from that, I notice that some of my previous comments have not
been applied, but those are not new by definition :)

I reckon that asking for review of a small package is indeed a great way
to learn; nevertheless, thank you for thinking more deeply about the
package and retract the RFS.

I would have also wanted to ask you to close this RFS, but I see bartm's
script is too quick these days, removing the package as soon as you
removed it from mentors u.U

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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