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Bug#961429: Subject: RFS: cryptopass/1.0.0-1 [ITP] -- CLI utility for generating long, unguessable passwords.

Dear Mattia and Matthew!

First of all I would like to thank you for all the efforts you did to teach me how to do proper Debian packaging.
Your reviews made me rethink some practices I followed and it already helps me in my activities outside of Debian.

Yesterday I found out the original Cryptopass Chrome extension is no longer maintained and its repository archived.
While I fixed the issues spotted in previous reviews and pushed the new upstream version 1.1.0 and corresponding
Debian repo on Salsa, I would like to withdraw the package from the queue.

Earlier I mentioned the passwordmaker-cli package I found long after I wrote cryptopass. Its Android app is actively
maintained, in contrast to the CLI sources, so I will likely propose the fixes incorporating cryptopass scheme into
Password Maker (https://www.passwordmaker.org). Once there is new upstream release, I will coordinate with
Cord Beermann (the pm-cli maintainer) to have it packaged.

I do still appreciate additional reviews on packaging and security of cryptopass, because I thought it could be a great
example of "making a small pavkage to learn Debian packaging". Maybe I will even write a series of blog posts about
Debian packaging and my experience with it.

Vasyl Gello

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