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Re: cmake help needed for metabat


Le 29/05/2020 à 10:10, Andreas Tille a écrit :
>> In test/CMakeLists.txt, there is a reference to them as
>> "${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/contigs_depth.txt", but it should be
>> "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/contigs_depth.txt", unless the text files
>> should be copied while building, but that doesn't seem the case.
> I'll check upstream Git or file an issue about this.
> Unfortunately your patch did not applied cleanly - no idea why.  I have
> added it manually and reread your explanation which I think are
> implemented correctly.  Unfortunately in my pbuilder I get the same
> cmake failure as before and since I think I've now understand the issue
> I'm even more in vain since its not working anyway for me but you
> confirmed that it should work.  Could you be so kind to have another
> look on the latest state in Git?

I've looked at your commit on git, and the issue is that you need to
remove both "add_dependencies" completely in src/CMakeLists.txt.
zlib and htslib targets doesn't exist anymore as they were created by
scripts in cmake/ folder.

> Thanks again
>       Andreas.

Alexis Murzeau
PGP: B7E6 0EBB 9293 7B06 BDBC  2787 E7BD 1904 F480 937F

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