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Bug#961738: RFS: dragengine/1.1 -- Drag[en]gine Game Engine


> Hi,
> Long story short, this hasn't reached a satisfactory quality. I will
> point out issues
> I found but there are more to fix.

> * Please make sure the debian/files file does not exist in your packaging
added "rm" to the clean step.

> * Your debian/postinst script is missing the #DEBHELPER# placeholder.

> * Your debian/postinst file has to recognize whether it is being
called during installation, upgrade or removal.
modified the postinst to operate only on "configure"

> * Official Debian packages in "main" section should not manipulate
files under /opt/ directory at any time.
this one will be interesting. the /opt/delauncher/games is where the
user installs to the games he wants to play. in my opinion these are
optional packages the user manually installs and uninstalls.

That said this path can be configured at compile time. According to a
page on the internet about FHS+Games
these possible locations are named (terms I used from that page):

- /usr/games/<gamename>: standard installation

- /usr/share/games/<gamename>: architecture-independent static game data

"*.delga" files contain by definition no binary code, only data and
script code (depending on what the developer chooses) and thus are never
executable. From this point of view the "architecture-independent static
game data" directory seems a suitable choice. This directory would then
be /usr/share/games/delauncher/games .

But the user (I choose group "games" to be part of) has to have write
access to this directory so he can install/uninstall *.delga files. In
this situation the "standard installation" seems better. This would then
be /usr/games/delauncher/games .

What path do you think should I choose to be best conform with Debian?

> * You are using "3.0 (native)" format, which is not suitable for a
non-Debian-specific project.
modified file.

> * Your "Build-Depends" field is missing way too many build dependencies.
Looks like the changes to debian/control did not commit correctly.
Pardon me for having overlooked this. I'll fix it right away.

> * Your package bundles way too many external libraries under /extern/
These are used for the "live-mode" build. Only three of them are
actually used because the respective debian package is not existing or
failing configure. I've added now "debian/source/options" with
"tar-ignore" lines for each not used external file. I hope this helps.

I'll re-upload with these changes. I would then appreciate more
reviewing to iron out the remaining problems as good as i can.


Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Plüss Roland

Game Development and Game Engine Technologies https://dragondreams.ch

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