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Bug#959702: RFS: cpufrequtils/008-2 [ITA] -- utilities to deal with the cpufreq Linux kernel feature

Hi Boyuan,

Thank you for your advice. Please see comments below.

On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 6:33 AM Boyuan Yang <byang@debian.org> wrote:
> [..snip..]
> Are you interested putting the git packaging repo under
> salsa.debian.org/debian/ instead of your personal namespace? In this case,
> other Debian Developers (DD) will have write access to this repo. If you find
> it okay, I can help to create such repo under Salsa Debian group.

Thank you for your suggestion. It's good for me. Is there any way to
have write access for it? In my case, I joined the Webml team as a
developer and had write access [1].

> >    * Add Build-Depends-Package field to debian/libcpufreq0.symbols.
> >    * Change the format of debian/copyright to dep5.
> >    * Fix tyops in man files.
> ^^^^ This line itself contains a typo :-(

Thank you. I fixed it on your advice. :-)

> >    * Remove debian/source.lintian-overrides to fix lintian warning.
> * For the "Source" field in debian/copyright: please consider using https
> instead of http.
> * Ever considered using debhelper compat level v13?
> Those are all just nitpicks; I can sponsor this upload after your reply (and
> ideally a new upload onto mentors.d.n).

I also fixed them and uploaded the package again. Please sponsor it.
I always appreciate your help.

Best regards,


[1] https://salsa.debian.org/webmaster-team/webwml/-/project_members?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search=seunghun

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