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deb-control nested expressions in dependencies


Recently I've switched from a different distribution to Debian. Within my own 
projects I use sphinxcontrib-tikz[1] during document generation but this 
package is currently missing in Debian, so I've been working on packaging it 
as my first package. I've read most of the relevant documents given on Debian 
docs[2] and have managed to successfully create the required package, except 
for a small issue in the dependency list.

Upstream specifies the following run-time requirements:
* texlive and texlive-pictures
* At least one of 
        - pdf2svg
        - ghostscript
        - poppler-utils and netpbm
        - poppler-utils and imagemagick

'man 5 deb-control' specifies that the  'Depends:' field is a package-list 
consisting out of groups of alternative packages. With this I can mostly 
translate the above requirements to the following package-list:

        pdf2svg | ghostscript | poppler-utils | netpbm | imagemagick

The pdf2svg and ghostscript packages are simple enough but the "nested" 
expression for the other two give me some trouble. Functionally speaking I 
would want some form of a "nested" expression:

        pdf2svg | ghostscript | (poppler-utils,  netpbm | imagemagick)

>From what I've read in the man pages this isn't directly possible. Is there a 
standard approach to solving this problem? I've looked around the mailing 
lists, man pages, and the aforementioned documents but I can't find anything 
directly related to this. 

[1]: https://bitbucket.org/philexander/tikz
[2]: https://www.debian.org/doc/devel-manuals

With kind regards,

Stefan Schrijvers

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