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Bug#935928: RFS: assaultcube-data/ -- data files and documentation for AssaultCube

Control: tags -1 moreinfo

Hi Carlos,

(After your last mail I'm not sure if you are still working in the
package, if not please let us know to get the metadata right)

Nethertheless, as assaultcube-data is now in a limbo state, and needs an
upload so that the package can be actually be used, a review:

 - debian revisions -3 was never uploaded, it cannot be marked as
   uploaded to sid. So you have now two options
   - join the entries for -3 and -4 and release them as -3
   - mark the entries for -3 as UNRELEASED.
  (The first option is preferred.)
 - the changelog entry for -4… There is no change on the "Suggests"

Regarding #935669… I don't thnk your update of the breaks/replaces stancas
will fix this. First, the bug is because the (non-free) package has been
uploaded source only, second, the breaks/replace's purpose is a
different one:
It was likely introduced because of that, but the version is so old that
it could be removed now. (As said, #935669 is a different issue)
To ensure that assaultcube is also updated, a simple Breaks:
assaultcube ( << should do it, but the games packages I've checked
do not bother with that, so probably it can be left as it; It just needs
to be properly uploaded or marked as builddable on the buildds.

d/watch does not point to upsteam but to your own gitlab clone.
Please don't do that. You are NOT upstream and repacking is not a valid
reason to fork a project. (FTR, upstream is here:
This remark is also true for e.g. d/copyright and d/source/metadata)


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