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Re: Help with source only upload

Don't break threads please.

On Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 10:28:53PM -0500, Elías Alejandro wrote:
> >The command is the same, isn't it?
> uhm.. I don't think so.
You need to explain why.

> I was reading about to source-only
> uploads because of[1] however I've uploaded by _mistake_
> with a changes file included binary and source, after
> some hours I've noticed that it hasn't been built by buildd[2].
This sounds good.

> I'd like to generate a changes file for  a new debian 
> version of the package with only the source.
This sounds good too. So what's wrong with the command?

> I was reading also that if version ends in -0 or -1 source can be
> included but not for the next version, I'm not sure if it's the
> explanation.
And this doesn't, as this talks about inclusion of orig.tar in the source
package, not about things you talked earlier. This is a completely
unrelated question but no, you don't need to include orig.tar in the
source changes if it waas already uploaded previously.

> In other hand, why buildd wasn't be able to built if the
> changes file also included the source file?
buildds do not build binaries that were uploaded by the uploader.


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