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Doubt: update-alternative during debian/rules? (GTK2 vs GTK3)

Dear Debian Mentors,

Maintaining a package (mrpt) I stumbled upon a conflict between two of
its dependencies:
- wxwidgets, which provides several "configurations", via an
update-alternative symlink named `wx-config`, and
- opencv (version 3).

The problem is that OpenCV uses gtk3, while the *default* wx-config is
gtk2, so the resulting executables raise an assert about the
incompatibility between gtk2 and gtk3 and are useless.

However, Debian packages *already* contain the `gtk3-unicode-3.0`
version of wx-config, which should be selected via
`update-alternatives` when *manually* building the packages from
sources, fixing the problem.

And my question is: is it "acceptable" to run `update-alternatives`
during debian/rules? Is there any better way to handle with this
(apart of proposing a change all the way down to the
FindWxWidgets.cmake module by CMake?

Any advice will be more than welcome.



 * Jose Luis Blanco-Claraco
 * Universidad de Almería - Departamento de Ingeniería
 * [Homepage]( https://w3.ual.es/~jlblanco/ )
 * [GH profile]( https://github.com/jlblancoc )

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