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Re: Debian package without VCS

On 08/30/2018 08:23 AM, Muri Nicanor wrote:
> Hello Andrius,
> On 08/30/2018 08:00 AM, Andrius Merkys wrote:
>> Dear Mentors,
>> I have stumbled upon a source package 'pegtl', whose binary is in Debian, but the packaging files aren't on salsa.d.org. Moreover, d/control contains no VCS information. I would be happy to update the package to the newest upstream release.
> There is an open ITP (#905853) for tao-pegtl-dev from bisco, who offered
> to package the new and upcoming releases (upstream renamed the package
> and changed the path of the header files, see the ITP for details).
sorry, forgot to mention: there is actually also a corresponding RFS #905946


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