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Debian package without VCS

Dear Mentors,

I have stumbled upon a source package 'pegtl', whose binary is in Debian, but the packaging files aren't on salsa.d.org. Moreover, d/control contains no VCS information. I would be happy to update the package to the newest upstream release.

My questions:

1) I want package's source on salsa.d.org. Should I create a new repo on salsa.d.org and import 'pegtl' there with 'gbp import-dsc'?

2) The package is not maintained by any team (cc'ing Muri Nicanor, the maintainer of 'pegtl'). Am I allowed to even touch it?

Best wishes,

Andrius Merkys
Vilnius University Institute of Biotechnology, Saulėtekio al. 7, room V325
LT-10257 Vilnius, Lithuania

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