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Debian package transition: Rename package and reuse old name with new content

Hi mentors,

I'm trying to find the best solution for a package renaming of pycryptodome.
This package exists for both python3 and python2. For simplicity, I will
talk only about python3 packages.

The package is not in stable.

Currently, we have in testing and unstable:
- python3-pycryptodome
- python3-httpsig which depends on "python3-pycryptodome"
- python3-pysnmp4 which depends on "python3-pycryptodome"

To fix #886291, we should:
- Rename python3-pycryptodome to python3-pycryptodomex
- Reuse python3-pycryptodome package name to package a non compatible
python3 module.

The rationale of this rename + reuse is that currently,
python3-pycryptodome contains, in fact, the pycryptodomex module. So
renaming that one + introduce the new package for the pycryptodome module.

I already though of a solution on 886291@bugs.debian.org use multiple
dependencies with "|" but the package must still be buildable with the
first dependency (sbuild ignore dependencies after "|" for example)

So I though of this:
- Rename python3-pycryptodome to python3-pycryptodomex
  - Put versioned breaks, replaces on the old python3-pycryptodome
- Add python3-pycryptodome to build pycryptodome module
  - Add a dependency on python3-pycryptodomex to serve as also as a
    transitional package

Then, when all of pycryptodome reverse dependencies have moved to
python3-pycrytodomex and moved to testing, remove the
python3-pycryptodome dependency on python3-pycryptodomex.

I'm not sure of the transition policies when handling transitions on
testing and unstable only (ie: not involving stable).
But that should ensure there is no breakage between package in the archive.

Any though ?

Kind regards,
Alexis Murzeau
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