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Nonlinear git-buildpackage workflow?

Hi mentors,

I'm one of the julia package maintainers and I encountered a temporary
non-linear workflow problem.

Julia released two stable releases in parallel, 0.7 and 1.0 .
I uploaded 0.7 to unstable and planned to upload 1.0 to exp.
After a round of bug fix in the future the 1.0 release should
eventually replace the 0.7 release in sid.

The problem is, if I maintain the two releases in parallel, the
dch would become a mess when moving the 1.0 release to sid. 
dch will contain duplicated changelog entries (e.g. fixing
common problems found in both 0.7 and 1.0) and the timeline
is also screwed up.

Unlike the parallel maintenance between sid and stable.
I'm not aware of any workflow suitable for this temporary situation.

Umm... Maybe the best solution is to fix the remaining
problems in 0.7 first, then prepare for the 1.0 upload (serial).
@ginggs Opinion?

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