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bison help needed


I intend to upgrade maude[1] to its latest upstream version.  Unfortunately
I was running into:

Making all in Mixfix
make[4]: Entering directory '/build/maude-2.7.1/src/Mixfix'
cat \
./top.yy \
./modules.yy \
./commands.yy \
./bottom.yy \
> surface.yy
bison -dv surface.yy -o surface.c
bison -dv surface.yy -o surface.c
mv surface.c surface.cc
flex -t -p -p ./lexer.ll > lexer.cc
-I (interactive) entails a minor performance penalty
mv surface.c surface.cc
mv: cannot stat 'surface.c': No such file or directory

So something might be wrong with bison but I have no idea how to fix
this.  Any ideas?

Kind regards


[1] https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/maude


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