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Arch:all package dependencies


I recently created a new binary package "iraf-wcstools", which is
Arch:all, but depends on architecture dependent packages. Specifically,
it depends on "iraf", which is available only on selected
architectures (f.e. not on s390x):

Package: iraf-wcstools
Architecture: all
Depends: iraf, [...]

How do I make now "iraf-wcstools" migrate? I get as migration excuse:

iraf-wcstools/mips unsatisfiable Depends: iraf
iraf-wcstools/mips64el unsatisfiable Depends: iraf
iraf-wcstools/ppc64el unsatisfiable Depends: iraf
iraf-wcstools/s390x unsatisfiable Depends: iraf

which is all correct, but shouldn't be an excuse to block the migration,

Best regards


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