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Bug#887728: RFS: nvidia-cudnn/7.0.5~cuda9.0-1 [ITP / ppc64el help needed]

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On 2018-01-19 13:58, Lumin wrote:
>   Similar to nvidia-cuda-toolkit package.
>   Two nvidia people that I contacted before are BCC'ed.
>   To nvidia people: The license is shipped in debian/copyright, see
> the git repo:
>     https://salsa.debian.org/lumin-guest/nvidia-cudnn

I doubt that this is redistributable in non-free at all.
The only option in that case would be an installer package (that
downloads the stuff and creates .debs on the users system).

But I'd be glad to hear something different from NVIDIA. :-)

I'm missing something corresponding to this paragraph from the CUDA
toolkit license:

 2.3. Operating Systems
 CUDA Licensed Software designed exclusively for use on the
 Linux or FreeBSD operating systems, or other operating systems
 derived from the source code to these operating systems, may
 be copied and redistributed, provided that the object code
 files thereof are not modified in any way (except for
 unzipping of compressed files).


PS: I could easily generate the ppc64el symbols on the porter box.

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