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Bug#887728: RFS: nvidia-cudnn/7.0.5~cuda9.0-1 [ITP / ppc64el help needed]

Package: sponsorship-requests
Severity: wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: anbe@debian.org pkg-nvidia-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org

Dear mentors,

  I am looking for a sponsor for my package "lua-moses"

 * Package name    : nvidia-cudnn
   Version         : 7.0.5~cuda9.0-1
   Upstream Author : NVIDIA
 * URL             : https://developer.nvidia.com/cudnn
 * License         : ***PROPRIETARY***
   Section         : non-free/libs

  It builds those binary packages:

libcudnn7 - NVIDIA CUDA Deep Neural Network library (cuDNN)
libcudnn-dev - NVIDIA CUDA Deep Neural Network library (cuDNN), Header File

  To access further information about this package, please visit the
following URL:



  I didn't upload the package to debomatic-amd64, nor the mentors because the
  source package is too large to me (~660MB). My local amd64 build
with cowbuilder
  was successful.

##ppc64el HELP NEEDED##

  I have no resource to test the ppc64el build, so I need someone to
help me with
  the following steps:

  1. build on ppc64el to see if the rules is working for ppc64el
  2. update *.symbols.ppc64el, stripping the debian revision.


  Similar to nvidia-cuda-toolkit package.
  Two nvidia people that I contacted before are BCC'ed.
  To nvidia people: The license is shipped in debian/copyright, see
the git repo:

  Changes since the last upload:

nvidia-cudnn (7.0.5~cuda9.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Initial release. (Closes: #862524)


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