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Re: Dependencies across architectures

On Sun, Jan 7, 2018 at 5:59 PM, Ole Streicher wrote:

> Unfortunately, this is impossible: the assembler code creates a kind of
> sigsetjmp() (with its own calling interface) for Fortran 77. This cannot
> be simply remodelled in C. In principle, one could re-implement this
> with the libunwind library (see [1]), but since glibc scrambles stack
> information since some time, this does not work anymore.

Ok. I've mentioned it on #debian-ports, perhaps you'll get some help.

> Upstream is difficult for this package: the package has no new upstream
> version since five years and the communication is difficult.

Hmm, that sounds annoying.

> ... therefore I decided to create a temporary fork ...

Watch out, you could end up being the new upstream :)

> If we take Multi-Arch serious, this shouldn't be the case, right?

I guess the release team might accept patches to britney for this but
I've also a vague memory that they prefer arches to be self-contained.

> which is what I pargmatically did now (#886524). I was however not sure
> what the optimal way is, since I also don't know which architectures are
> co-runnable in practice. Theoretically, one could do anything with
> qemu-userland, however.

You can use arch-test to find out which arches a specific system can run.

I guess qemu-user can't run all arches though, like kFreeBSD.



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