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Dependencies across architectures


I have an "arch: all" package "python3-pyraf" (source package: "pyraf"),
that has a dependency on the package "iraf", but no build dependency on

"iraf" exists only on selected architectures due to some required
assembler code for each arch and problems with big endian. python3-pyraf is
however buildable on all architectures.

In the first version of pyraf, I specified:

Package: python3-pyraf
Architecture: all
Depends: iraf

and iraf has:

Package: iraf
Architecture: arm64 armel armhf hurd-i386 linux-amd64 linux-i386
Multi-Arch: foreign

>From the description of "Multi-Arch: foreign" I would expect that this
allows the dependency resolved by using another architecture. However,
piuparts (and the migration excuses) claim a missing dependency on the
archs not supported by IRAF.

My first thought was to limit the possible archs for python3-pyraf (by
explicitly setting the arch list and/or build-depending on iraf), but
this would not require the removal of the packages already build.

And, in principle the dependency should work across archs (f.e. for
x32). But why does it not work with the specification above?

Best regards


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