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Bug#876043: RFS: plibsys/0.0.3~git20170912.7069e03 [ITP]

Control: tags -1 moreinfo


(Sorry, I do not intend to sponsor this package)

I'm also unsure if the libary is of much use in Debian. (Maybe you can
expand why it would make sense to have it in Debian. Are there reverse
dependencies, where would it be used?)

Here's a review:
- As you are upstream, please read 
  https://wiki.debian.org/UpstreamGuide, especially about the debian
- Why are you packaging a git snapshot? (You could also do a release)
- what is 3rdparty/scosv is used for? (Note that you cannot have
embedded code copies, the need to be packaged seperatly...) The tgz
also contains precompiled binaries.
- please run wrap-and-sort, makes it easier to review
- Please update d/compat to a more recent level.

- Please move doxygen from Build-Depends to Build-Depend-Indep, to
avoid pulling in all the doxygen stuff for binary build.
- Please update Standard-Version. (as you need to touch the package
anyways :))
- Please do not have the -dev package contain the soname. Same for the
-doc package.
- Do not make -dbg packages anymore, since we have the automatic dbgsym
- As you have a testsuite, please consider running them as autppktest
as well. See: https://ci.debian.net/doc/

- Please use http*s*:// for the format spec.
- Is there a reason why the packaging (debian/*) is under a different
license than the upstream code. That will make upstreaming patches
difficult (think NMUs and like)
- (I did not a per-file copyright review)

I'll tag this package "moreinfo". Please remove the tag once you have
some iteration to look at.

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