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Re: Changes coming with VCS for Debian packaging (was: Bug#877450: RFS: bash-completion/1:2.7-1 [ITA])

On 02 Jan 2018, Andrew Shadura wrote:
>On 2 January 2018 at 02:17, Gabriel F. T. Gomes
><gabriel@inconstante.eti.br> wrote:
>> When I created the repository in my own server, I named the
>> repository bash-completion-debian.git.  When I cloned it to
>> salsa.debian.org, under my personal profile, I kept the "-debian"
>> suffix.  Then, when you cloned it to the "Debian" workspace, you
>> removed the suffix from the project name, however, the name of the
>> repository still contains the suffix (I guess that's because the
>> clone tool does this automatically)...
>> Is that something we care about?  Or is it fine the way it is?  
>Oh, my bad, I haven't noticed those are two distinct things. Should be
>fine now.

Thanks for doing this, and thanks for also updating the Vcs-* fields to
reflect these changes [1].

With the repository in the new location, I believe all issues raised in
this thread and in the bug report [2] were fully addressed.

Now I need someone with upload privileges to sponsor and upload the
package.  Is there anyone here who believes that the package is ready
to go and could upload it?

Thank you all.

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/debian/bash-completion/commit/08763e2adc255cbcb32bf0a6eb2311f6a603da08

[2] https://bugs.debian.org/877450

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