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Re: Changes coming with VCS for Debian packaging (was: Bug#877450: RFS: bash-completion/1:2.7-1 [ITA])

On 31 Dec 2017, Andrew Shadura wrote:

>On 30 December 2017 at 15:08, Gabriel F. T. Gomes
><gabriel@inconstante.eti.br> wrote:
>> 2. Even though I read the discussions about salsa on debian-devel, I
>> still do not know how to name the repository.  When browsing the
>> projects under the Debian group, I got the impression that the
>> project name is usually the same name as the package itself.  So, in
>> bash-completion's case, I should probably ask for the "-debian"
>> suffix to be removed from the project name.  
>There you go:

Thanks, Andrew.

I have made the changes to the Vcs-* fields to reflect this change.
However, I still have a question...

When I created the repository in my own server, I named the repository
bash-completion-debian.git.  When I cloned it to salsa.debian.org,
under my personal profile, I kept the "-debian" suffix.  Then, when you
cloned it to the "Debian" workspace, you removed the suffix from the
project name, however, the name of the repository still contains the
suffix (I guess that's because the clone tool does this

Is that something we care about?  Or is it fine the way it is?

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