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Bug#870215: RFS: stendhal/0.1-1 [ITP] -- Multiplayer online adventure game with an old school feel

Em dom, 2017-07-30 às 21:24 -0400, Paul Wise escreveu:
> In my first mail I was confused, since you previously had an ITP/RFS
> for stendhal-installer and I assumed this package was the proper
> package of Stendhal from source, instead of a wrapper script.
> In addition; you are misrepresenting Stendhal as your own project.
> Your project is not Stendhal, it is a wrapper script for Stendhal. I
> suggest you rename your project to stendhal-installer,
> stendhal-wrapper or similar and mention the original upstream project.
> In addition, the claim "as that would breach copyright laws" seems to
> be incorrect since the Stendhal project appears to be DFSG-free as it
> is licensed under GPLv2+

Understood, I'll make the changes. Thank you very much!

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