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Bug#870215: RFS: stendhal/0.1-1 [ITP] -- Multiplayer online adventure game with an old school feel

On Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 8:58 PM, Carlos Donizete Froes wrote:

> Sorry, I have a question, even though it is a project of my own.
> Do I have to add the Stendhal link?

In my first mail I was confused, since you previously had an ITP/RFS
for stendhal-installer and I assumed this package was the proper
package of Stendhal from source, instead of a wrapper script.

In addition; you are misrepresenting Stendhal as your own project.
Your project is not Stendhal, it is a wrapper script for Stendhal. I
suggest you rename your project to stendhal-installer,
stendhal-wrapper or similar and mention the original upstream project.
In addition, the claim "as that would breach copyright laws" seems to
be incorrect since the Stendhal project appears to be DFSG-free as it
is licensed under GPLv2+



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