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Bug#869692: RFS: cyclograph/1.9.0-1

On Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 08:08:52PM +0200, Federico Brega wrote:
> > And there are other changes (about python for example) that are not listed
> > in the changelog.
> I listed all the changes done to files in the "debian" folder. The
> other changes are
> all made by upstream and, in my understanding, are out of scope from the debian
> changelog.

* The package now depends on python3
Which package?
* The package now uses dh-python in combination with python3-setuptools
"in combination"? 
* Added cyclograph-qt5 ui
Not clear that cyclograph-qt5 is a new subpackage.
* Debhelper compat version updated to 10
It's "compat level", see debhelper(7).
* Updated Standards to 4.0.0
It's "Standards-Version", and it's customary to add "(no change needed)"
if an upgrade to the new version didn't require anything (I assume you've
read the upgrade checklist?).
* Updated gtk to webkit2 version 4.0
Not clear what is "gtk" here.
* Added vcs field to debian/control
It's not a "vcs" field but Vcs-Git and Vcs-Browser.

You also didn't mention the switch to pybuild.


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