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Re: How to make a shared lib recognized by debhelpers?

Gert Wollny <gw.fossdev@gmail.com> writes:
> Am Montag, den 17.07.2017, 21:20 +0200 schrieb Ole Streicher:
>> How can I do a proper handling of the library here? I guess (I am not
>> an octave expert, however), that the name of the library shall not be
>> changed.
> One way to make dh_strip recognize files that are not in the typical
> name pattern is to make it executable.

Thanks for the hint. What I do now (in d/rules) is basically:

	chmod ugo+x debian/tmp/usr/lib/*/octave/site/oct/api-*/*/plplot_octave.oct

	chmod ugo-x debian/octave-plplot/usr/lib/*/octave/site/oct/api-*/*/plplot_octave.oct

This seems to work well. A debug package is created as well.

Best regards


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