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Re: How to make a shared lib recognized by debhelpers?

Am Montag, den 17.07.2017, 21:20 +0200 schrieb Ole Streicher:

> How can I do a proper handling of the library here? I guess (I am not
> an octave expert, however), that the name of the library shall not be
> changed.
One way to make dh_strip recognize files that are not in the typical
name pattern is to make it executable. What I do in the mia package,
where plugins have the extension 'mia' is the following: 

In d/rules: 

# dh_strip detects executable files, so make *.mia files executable
then strip then 
# remove the executable flag 

# include "*.mia" files when searching for library dependencies
   dh_shlibdeps -- $(shell find  debian/libmia-2.4-4/ -name "*.mia")


and debian/run_strip is: 
for f in $(find . -name "*.mia"); do chmod 755 $f; done
for f in $(find . -name "*.mia"); do chmod 644 $f; done

Granted it is not the most elegant solution (especially since somewhere
before calling dh_strip the executable flags are actually stripped, but
it does the job. 

Hope that helps,

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