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Bug#868378: RFS: nlohmann-json/2.1.1-1

On Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 8:09 AM, Christian Seiler wrote:

> [1] This takes a _long_ time with this package as you have huge
>     test data in JSON form within the package, and if you do
>     run it, redirect its output into a file, otherwise your
>     terminal will be swamped with messages.
>     (Also note that check-all-the-things has some false
>     positives in your case, e.g. it checks for correct JSON as
>     one of its checks, and your package has some intentionally
>     broken JSON as unit tests.)

You can avoid the second part by turning off individual checks or
groups of checks via the flags option. There isn't yet an option to
ignore certain subdirectories, but patches for that or other ideas to
speed things up would be welcome.

check-all-the-things -c '- isutf8' -f '- json'



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