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Bug#868378: RFS: nlohmann-json/2.1.1-1

Hi there,

(not a DD, can't sponsor, but a quick comment:)

On 07/15/2017 12:05 PM, Muri Nicanor wrote:
>   * Switched build system to cmake, library is now installed in
>     /usr/include/nlohmann, which is upstream default (Closes: #868112)

This will likely break builds of reverse dependencies because they
might not find the header anymore. Did you test all of the reverse
dependencies of nlohmann-json in the archive that they'll find the
header in the new location? If some of them don't, you should file
bugs against those packages (ideally with patches) that the
maintainers know about this change. [1]

Also, if the current packages can't auto-detect the new location
(i.e. they start to FTBFS with your new package), then this is
technically a library transition, so you should follow the
guidelines for those:


[1] List of reverse depends (since this is a header-only library):
    grep-dctrl -s Package -F Build-Depends,Build-Depends-Indep \
        nlohmann-json-dev /var/lib/apt/lists/*Sources
    (You need sid in your sources.list and a recent apt-get update
    to ensure this is up to date.)

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