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Bug#868226: RFS: KensBingo/1.0.0

On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 11:26:37AM +0100, Ken Williams wrote:
> Package: sponsorship-requests
This is not an RFS thus closing it.

> It just generates random bingo numbers, and includes a check screen....
> It's all extremely simple, and only comprises one small short Python
> file, so all the complex info about packaging for deb I find over
> complex for one short Python file.
Doesn't sound too convincing for me, but whatever.

> Could anyone possibly consider putting it in the deb repo for me, I have
> not even followed the "Git" route, as again that seems to apply more to
> complex programs.
If you want that you may file an RFP instead, see
Note though that request for packaging random software rarely have any

> My software which being Python runs from the source code can be found on
> the Bingo page atwww.cftb.net, I have no copyright issues, it can be
> freely copied and distributed.
"freely copied and distributed" is not enough for us though (lacks "freely
modified" among other things). You should use a real free license, like


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