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Bug#868226: RFS: KensBingo/1.0.0

Package: sponsorship-requests
Severity: normal

Package name: KensBingo
Version: 1.0.1
URL: www.cftb.net

I will probably get flamed for posting this but here goes....

Many years ago I wrote a simple bingo program for use in a bar I used to 
go to as a regular, this was written using c# and .NET

I have recently re-written it in Python, and think it would be a nice 
companion to the PyKaraoke package.

It just generates random bingo numbers, and includes a check screen....

It's all extremely simple, and only comprises one small short Python 
file, so all the complex info about packaging for deb I find over 
complex for one short Python file.

Could anyone possibly consider putting it in the deb repo for me, I have 
not even followed the "Git" route, as again that seems to apply more to 
complex programs.

My software which being Python runs from the source code can be found on 
the Bingo page at www.cftb.net, I have no copyright issues, it can be 
freely copied and distributed.


Ken Williams.
Torremar Benidorm & Bella Vista Rhyl.

A Unix/Linux user since 1983.

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