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Bug#867158: Feedback


Thanks for your input, Simon.

I'll get on the git-repository, I may contact you about that once I get
it set up.

Just to clarify, the run and run-gui executables are later symlinked to
"weresync" and "weresync-gui". The original names only exist in the
package's private directory and it just helps to differentiate them from
the other files named "weresync". I had to do this to make sure the
executables could find the package code.

debuild requires a signing key to be added to the package. It fails if I
remove that file.

I'm not sure about the jquery.js file. I'm guessing sphinx added that
(it's not my code that creates it). The Python Library Guide includes a
bit on how to install sphinx documentation but doesn't mention removing
the jquery.js file, so I'm guessing it's alright but I am certainly new
to this so I could be wrong.

I'll update the various versions ASAP, I was building this under debian
stable, and just learned I should change to sid. I'm upgrading now and
will be posting an update to the package using sid tools in a day or so.

Thanks again!

Daniel Manila

On 07/10/2017 04:49 PM, Simon Quigley wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm not a Debian Developer, so I don't have access to upload this, but
> here's some feedback that you can use to improve it before someone does:
> wrap-and-sort is a really great tool for automatically sorting
> debian/control files, I would highly suggest updating your packaging
> with it. Also, there's a lot of whitespace in debian/control (and some
> in debian/changelog etc.) that needs cleaning.
> You haven't mentioned a Git repository anywhere, but I suggest you
> create one, as it will really make your life a lot easier. I have access
> to collab-maint if you would like me to push your Git repository, but a
> Git repository needs to exist before I can do that. :)
> I suggest using git-buildpackage to create your repository.
> I would suggest shortening the descriptions for the packages in
> debian/control but that could just be my personal preference...
> Standards-version 4.0.0 was released, you should probably update your
> package to use that.
> Your debian/rules file looks a bit peculiar, so I'll leave that for a
> more experienced packager to leave feedback on.
> Your debian/watch file could probably be updated to version 4.
> What's the reasoning for debian/upstream/signing-key.pgp ?
> I see jquery.js in the files that are installed in the package. I'm not
> a Debian Archive Administrator by any degree, but I believe shipping
> that sort of thing goes against Debian Policy. Feel free to correct me
> if I'm wrong, though.
> Shipping an executable called "run" or "run-gui" seems a bit weird to
> me, as running those applications would be executing "run" in a terminal...
> Once those things are dealt with, in my opinion, it should be ready to
> upload.
> Thank you for your efforts!

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