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Bug#867158: Feedback


I'm not a Debian Developer, so I don't have access to upload this, but
here's some feedback that you can use to improve it before someone does:

wrap-and-sort is a really great tool for automatically sorting
debian/control files, I would highly suggest updating your packaging
with it. Also, there's a lot of whitespace in debian/control (and some
in debian/changelog etc.) that needs cleaning.

You haven't mentioned a Git repository anywhere, but I suggest you
create one, as it will really make your life a lot easier. I have access
to collab-maint if you would like me to push your Git repository, but a
Git repository needs to exist before I can do that. :)
I suggest using git-buildpackage to create your repository.

I would suggest shortening the descriptions for the packages in
debian/control but that could just be my personal preference...

Standards-version 4.0.0 was released, you should probably update your
package to use that.

Your debian/rules file looks a bit peculiar, so I'll leave that for a
more experienced packager to leave feedback on.

Your debian/watch file could probably be updated to version 4.

What's the reasoning for debian/upstream/signing-key.pgp ?

I see jquery.js in the files that are installed in the package. I'm not
a Debian Archive Administrator by any degree, but I believe shipping
that sort of thing goes against Debian Policy. Feel free to correct me
if I'm wrong, though.

Shipping an executable called "run" or "run-gui" seems a bit weird to
me, as running those applications would be executing "run" in a terminal...

Once those things are dealt with, in my opinion, it should be ready to

Thank you for your efforts!

Simon Quigley
tsimonq2 on freenode and OFTC
5C7A BEA2 0F86 3045 9CC8
C8B5 E27F 2CF8 458C 2FA4

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