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Bug#866736: RFS: budgie-desktop/10.2.9-3

control: owner -1 !
control: tags -1 moreinfo
>  I am looking for a sponsor for my package "budgie-desktop"

here we are
>the target is for stretch to fix the bug #866730 marked as Important
>Tested that this builds via pbuilder-dist

this is nonsense.
You need to target unstable, and let the fix go into Buster
in the meanwhile, after fixing sid, if you want the fix to go
in the next Stretch point release, you have to open
a bug against release.debian.org, targeted "p-u", upload
a fix to mentors targeted stretch after you get an ack from
release team, versioned 10.2.9-2+deb9u1, and then
ask again for sponsorship.

fixing bugs into stretch, with bad versioning, and a broken unstable
is not the way to go.

please remove moreinfo once you have something to sponsor :)



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