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Re: Non-NEW backports rejected with "ACL dm: NEW uploads are not allowed"

On Sun, Oct 30, 2016 at 12:04:16AM -0400, Peter Colberg wrote:
> Older versions of the packages already exist in jessie-backports. My
> key has been added to the backports ACL (and has worked for similar
> updates in the past), and I have DM upload rights for the packages.
> My uploads for both packages were rejected with "ACL dm: NEW uploads
> are not allowed". I tried two times each, on October 16 and today, to
> rule out temporary errors. Do you have any idea what I am missing?
> I attached the (unsigned) .changes files for the attempted uploads.

from the first .changes:

| Distribution: jessie

that's wrong, you are trying to upload to the stable distribution,
instead of jessie-backports.

Am I right that you used sbuild with -D to build this package?

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