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Bug#840598: RFS: poppassd/1.8.7-1 [QA]

control: tags -1 moreinfo

(tagging moreinfo, to avoid accidental uploads, until the things are solved)

>An NMU for the RC bug was entirely appropriate.  Someone not responding

>to your other bugs immediately is not a particularly good reason for a
>hostile package takeover.

completely true :)

>I have bugs in the BTS that are years old without responses.  If I took
>over all those packages, I'd have even less free time than I do today,
>and it would also be somewhat insane.

this is true too, nobody will upload something without your prior consent of
But since you are active, how do you feel about somebody sponsoring this one
with some changes?
e.g. we can convert in a Team Upload, add the previous NMU to changelog entry,
and fix the outstanding issues
(e.g. Peter did a lot of upstream nice work, that would be nice to see in Debian)
+* Version 1.8.7 - Peter Colberg optimized the build configuration to make distribution builds easier

also, the new release can be syncd in Ubuntu, since it contains the delta.

So, at the end it would be nice to do some refactoring for the package :)
Can this sound as a good plan?


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