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Bug#836903: RFS: qevercloud/3.0.3+ds-1 [ITP] -- Unofficial Evernote Cloud API library for Qt

X-Debbugs-CC: aron@debian.org

Hello Sean,

在 2016年10月13日星期四 CST 下午6:41:17,Sean Whitton 写道:
> control: tag -1 + confirmed - moreinfo
> control: noowner -1
> Hello,
> I'm going away for the weekend, so I'm marking this as confirmed as the
> only remaining issue is extremely minor (see below).
> I think that commit 240db346c4abfd3d6ccb1c9db36c7880db289f6a is ready
> for upload to Debian, though it would be nice if the below is fixed.

Thank you for all your patience and kind review!

Maybe it is the right time for me to seek for a DD to sponsor this package.

This package ("src:qevercloud") is a Qt library that provides access to 
Evernote Cloud API. It is supposed to act as the dependency of package
"nixnote2" (RFS: #832704, ITP: #609849), which is an unofficial Qt-based
feature-rich Evernote client for Linux.

Working Git repository: https://github.com/hosiet/qevercloud
mentors.d.n: https://mentors.debian.net/package/qevercloud
prebuilt package on deb-o-matic-amd64:

P.S. Please ignore the piuparts warning on debomatic.d.o, which is a false
alarm due to the site's network error.

> You should put the comments above the warning (currently below).  That
> way, they are associated together.

I read articles from lintian.d.o again and confirmed the correct grammar. The
new git commit 2dcb474cb2dc2b977b0ba5f1363fd321d3cd28ac has fixed this

All related files/packages on GitHub / debian-mentors / deb-o-matic has been
updated to latest commit.


Boyuan Yang

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