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Bug#839623: RFS: Cutecom 0.30.3 update

В письме от 3 октября 2016 09:28:24 пользователь Gianfranco Costamagna 
> 1) missing copyrights:
> + * Copyright (c) 2015 Antoine Calando <acalando@free.fr> (displaying
> Ctrl-characters and ascii for hex) + * Copyright (C) 2013 Preet Desai
> <preet.desai@gmail.com> (code to send files ported to Qt5 for the original
> CuteCom + *                                                          from
> https://github.com/preet/cutecom-qt5)
> and many more
> + * Copyright (c) 2015 Antoine Calando <acalando@free.fr> (improvements
> added to original CuteCom)


> 2) missing licenses
> //creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Added that.

> GPL v2

Not exactly true, the license itself is still present in the repository, but 
that's just a remnant from pre-0.30.x era, because all the code at the moment 
uses GPLv3+.

> 3) missing license text in copyright file (I'm not sure this is source of
> troubles, but the reduced GPL text is nice to have)

I think I'm following the CopyrightFormat [1] at the moment, it specifically 
references standard Debian filesystem location for GPL licenses in examples. 
I'm not even sure how to reduce GPL properly.

> 4) please convert to new dh calls, it should be trivial to do, since the
> packaging is already nice
> e.g.
> echo cutecom.1 > debian/manpages


> cd build && cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$(CURDIR)/debian/cutecom/usr \
> this seems mostly useless, with the default dh call it should already be
> mostly handled

That was used for a long time and with original update attempt I've added 
RelWithDebInfo to get proper "-O2 -g" flags, but looks like dh can do way more 
these days, see below.

> (also, compat level 10 please, it should inject build flags automatically)


> %:
> dh $@
> so you can remove it
> echo configure > debian/clean
> or specify the build system
> dh $@ --buildsystem=cmake

I don't think I understand well the scope of this change, but it really worked 
and now this thing builds correctly with just seven lines of `rules`. Really 
cool. I've used `clean` file to get rid of one autogenerated file that didn't 
allow easy second-time builds.

> 5) I would drop the cmake version constraint, it seems useless, also the qt
> one

Not sure about that, the package might be used in some other environments and 
I know that the versions specified should work correctly, so maybe it's better 
to pass this information to whomever is going to use this debianization

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