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Bug#824900: iroffer-dinoex packaging : some more checks

Hi Weilu,

here are some other remarks on your packaging :

- d/copyright :
 * src/strnatcmp.* : looks more like zlib/libpng than MIT
 * dtd/iroffer-model-10.mod : this one is not GPL-2 with OpenSSL exception
 * missing copyright :
   o src/dinoex_curl.c : from curl tool_cb_hdr.c, Copyright (C) 1998 - 2011, Daniel Stenberg
 * Not sure you can extend the copyright period from what is actually in the
   files : d/copyright : "Copyright: 2000-2016 Dirk Meyer"
   You may only merge
   : https://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/copyright-format/1.0/#fields
 * btw, could you confirm the false positive lintian
   "unused-file-paragraph-in-dep5-copyright" ?
   If so could you just re-order paragraphs with wildcards from more general to
   less, that'll also ease reading of the file :
   o put 1st : Files: *
   o then    : Files: src/upnp.* debian/*
   o all others
   I'll reopen #776796 if you confirm that (lintian 2.5.47 here)
- d/control : I can't find the link anymore, but I think that the iroffer
  package should declare the same Conflicts/Replaces relationship with iroffer-dinoex. 
- d/patches : 
  * did you pushed them upstream ?
  * remove # lines in the DEP3 header if not filled upstream or if done
    add "Bug: <upstream url>"
- wrap-and-sort can help tidying some d/ files (minor but this is a tip)
- as a general advice, try to fix all lintians >= Informational : make a patch
  for typos and submit upstream.

Thanks for the work, there was much improvements since the 1st draft.


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